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CuraÇiao in English

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting www.curaciao.nl! This page is the English explanation about CuraÇiao and what we can offer our costumers. Off course in the future we want to have a full English website on www.curaciao.com, but we hope this will do in the meantime. 

CuraÇiao is a full service tour operator with his focus on the beautiful Caribbean Island, Curaçao. The founders, Paul Brink & Louigi Isenia, are both young entrepreneurs who seek for an company who will combine fun, perfect service and the local experience for his costumers. Paul is born and raised in the Netherlands and Louigi lived until his 19th in Curaçao. They both studied law in Amsterdam and became good friends and business partners along the road. Three years ago they decided to join forces and start a business build on Caribbean Tourism. Paul would bring in his European way of thoughts and knowledge about what European customers would want and Louigi was responsible for building a Caribbean network with lots of good partners. CuraÇiao was born! 

They launched their company on 12-12-2014 with a big party in Paul's hometown. After that a lot happened. CuraÇiao became bigger and added a lot of new services to his company. At the beginning there was only accommodation, but now they sell airplane tickets, Rentalcars & transfers, activities, and a lot more. They also have over 100 accommodations in their portfolio so they can provide every costumer with something that will fit their needs. Also they added a second label to their small and starting imperium --> Curaçao Rentalcars. Through that new company they rent out over 200 cars with a very high-end service to a very good price. This new label was launched June '17. The next steps of Paul & Louigi are to conquer other Islands in the Caribbean region, starting with Bonaire, Aruba & Saba. They want to build new specific websites for these Islands just like they did with Curaçao. The end game is one big player for the whole Caribbean. 

 Do you want to go to Curaçao? Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail (info@curaciao.nl) or call us (+31 (0) 20 240 21 12). We would really like to help you with the best vacation ever! 


Team CuraÇiao.